Find information on art movements or artists and access high-quality digital images.

How to access your Art SLO images in ArtStor

Each art class has its own SLO folder within the  database ArtStor that your professor may ask you to access for the SLO.

To access the image folders you first go to the Artstor Home Page

Click on Browse > Image Groups

Under Tags > Click on ARTS SLO

Then you will see a list under Groups - select your course.

You will see a selection of thumbnail images, one of which you will be able to choose and analyze with your group members.

Helpful Books for the SLO Context section

Elements of Art

Writing about Art

Learning how to really look at art, how to talk about art, and writing about art are some of the most challenging academic assignments you will ever have. Luckily the library has some great resources to help you figure it all out!

Helpful websites for SLO - Context

Subject Guide

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