Open Education: Using Openly Licensed Resources

Evaluating Open Educatonal Resources

Seven common elements for evaluating Open Educational Resources specified in online rubrics include:

  1. Alignment with course learning objectives
  2. Explanation of relevant subject matter
  3. Quality of assessment
  4. Quality of technological interactivity
  5. Quality of instructional and practice exercises
  6. Opportunities for significant learning
  7. Accessibility and reusability

Rubrics for evaluating Open Educational Resources can be found below:

Where can I find OER Textbook Collections?

Where can I find more Open Educational Resources?

Below is a list of suggested OER collections to help you get started. 

This list is not exhaustive and will be periodically updated with new resources.  If you need any help finding OER materials for your class the NVC Librarians will be happy to assist you!  You can contact us by phone (210) 486-4513 or email


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