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Information Literacy Instruction requests and Classroom usage

Faculty members are required to attend the information literacy session and participate.  This is a team effort. Your presence and engagement convey to students the value you place on developing strong research skills.  In the case of an emergency, if you are unable to attend, you must send a substitute. This is Northwest Vista College policy. Please see District Policy D.2.3.2 Faculty Substitutes.

Information literacy classes are available during the library's regular hours of operation. Click here to view hours.  Classes outside of library hours will be accommodated based on staff availability.

Classes must be scheduled one week in advance. We customize each class and need time to prepare. 

Information Literacy Request Form

Community Members and Student Groups

Community members will not be allowed to use the classrooms, but are welcome to use the computers in the library.

Student groups are not allowed to use the classrooms. 


  • During mid-term and finals, 116 can be used as an overflow room.
  • All Art classes can use 116 for SLOs.
  • Rooms 116 and 118 can be used for class evaluations at the end of each semester. They need to be scheduled one week in advance. Unscheduled class walk-ins are not allowed.